Mi gente

It has been a year since I left everything and everybody behind and started a journey which came to an end quite quickly ?

Do you remember when I told you in Home where art thou that

my current home is

people around me, people who I don’t know yet and who I am about to meet on the road, their stories, their laugh, pain and hope. Their desire to discover and forget. Their urge and enthusiasm to change the reality, preserve the beauty of the world and carry on whatever they began?

Before I left for South America, I was convinced that I was going to meet masa gente. Just dozens of them. The truth is that I met few people. But we really met. I mean, we didn’t just say hi and asked where we were heading to and what brought us to South America. We talked and laughed sincerely.

Maaaami and paaaapi

We met in Colca Canyon and… every single place later on the road.

I heard them coming when I was sitting on the rock, having breakfast. I listened to the language they were speaking and recognised it immediately thanks to all the summer months spent as a child in Hungary.

I got really surprised when they told me that they were Slovaks. Later they would tell me that they felt more Hungarian than Slovaks.

We lost each other on the way to meet again, totally unexpectedly on the Savage trail where our our paths have diverged again, but just for a couple of days.

Three of us came up with a wonderful idea to climb the laguna with our super heavy backpacks while everybody was leaving them at a shop down the hill. While everybody was openly laughing at us we just repeated consequently: We are training for the pass tomorrow! 

They finally found me, completely devastated, struggling with my tent at the side of the trails leading to Machu Picchu. Then we finally exchanged contact to meet in Cusco.

We shared smoothie obsession (all these morning spent at the liquidadora!), passion for strong coffee and pancakes (which can turn in panc-ache if you eat too much of them as in Peter’s case).

I felt comfortable when they were around. Like in a weird kind of family: Peter and his two bitches as we used to say.

Evenings in their gigantic tent while it was freezing like hell outside. Teasing Peter because of his wet pants in very dodgy places.

Talking about food on the trail, exchanging ‘what’s on the menu’ during camping evenings…

And talking about other stuff, our plans, dreams, risks which we were about to take. Dealing with ungrounded fears and sharing a relief when they turned out be just a product of our imagination.

Gracias por todos guys! Miss you ma’am and paaaapi?

Yoga queen

We exchanged our first words while we were totally squeezed, almost suffocating, in a packed colectivo to Valerian. We were on the road, which was much worse than the death road, according to maaami and paaaapi. Na 30 sec we were already screaming like crazy because she turned out to be Polish, too. Unbelievable!

The ice was broken next morning when we were getting ready to take off. We just started talking and couldn’t stop since then. About everything. Literally. Without superstitions, pretentions of a slight of shame.

We even managed to lose the trail because we were talking too much and wasn’t paying attention anymore.

After realizing it, we had to climb a vertical wall full of grass and rocks, shaking from laughing and swearing because there was just no end to it and we were already tired. Losing the way had it positive side: we got rid of the annoying companion of Justyna. Since he stayed somewhere behind, we spent a night in my one person’s tent, devouring cookies and wondering which wild beast was snuffing around the tent. We weren’t less scared because we were together. On contraire. We were provoking each other and preparing a recognition expedition. Fortunately, nobody got harmed…

Once back in the shit-hole of Huaraz, we led a decadent life, doing yoga in the morning (being the only healthy thing at that time), drinking coffee and enjoying gigantic amounts of borrachos.

She’s a very inspiring person. I also felt this special kind of connection, like we knew each other since a long time. She was like a sister I don’t have.

THE guy

No explanation needed. He’s simply the guy.

We are still laughing that we have a really good story how we met. You know it as well if you read Savage trail and On beauty?

Almost a year after at Morskie Oko

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