On beauty (2)

Rocky chill out day Another chilly morning. We evacuated from the tent once it started ‘melting’. We found a shelter at a rocky island, having breakfast and spending ‘mountain’, countless minutes under your warm sleeping bag, letting the sun burn our faces. You must know that the mountain time zone follows completely other rules than our ‘human being’ agreed time zone.  The time stretches or … Continue reading On beauty (2)

On beauty (1)

Dear Martin, It’s my non-farewell gift for both us so that we won’t forget this bjuuuuutiful time spent together in the Peruvian wilderness. Ghosts are just behind you It was hard to leave the predictable Cusco routine built at my comfy workaway apartment and headed to chilly mountains of Ausangate. Especially because I just started getting warm after the treks from last week. But it … Continue reading On beauty (1)

La Ma Land

Although I didn’t really recover from the Savage Trail yet, I decided to spend some days exploring the Lares Valley. To make it a little bit easier for myself, I decided to skip the first part of the trek because it was just leading from one village to another anyway. And I obviously wanted to go directly into the wild. So, my starting point was … Continue reading La Ma Land

Quieres un poco de sal, amigo?

After surviving the Savage Trail, I was still in trekking modus and didn’t feel like coming back to the civilization directly. The perspective of taking the same way back to Hidroeléctrica along the rails wasn’t that appealing neither. So, I decided to head to the Sacred Valley instead. I booked a ridiculously expensive train ticket (you really don’t want to know how much it was) … Continue reading Quieres un poco de sal, amigo?

Savage trail

When I finally arrived in Cusco after a nightmare bus ride caused by the broken engine and a vision of being frozen to death, I was dying to go straight into action, being serious preparation for a 5-day Salkantay trek. I took a well-deserved hot shower and started my search expedition. I needed: gas water purification tablets/drops a lot of food. At the hostel they … Continue reading Savage trail